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Knovolution offers a range of bespoke consultancy, workshops and guidance to help you implement better practices and solutions around how you leverage your knowledge and get it to where it is needed.

Everyone is on their unique mission driven by their unique expertise. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

1-1 power-hour to help you unpick thoughts around knowledge management

Discover your unique circumstances and where to target improvements

Diagnostics and maps to get insight on improving how you use your knowledge

Get plans, frameworks and roadmaps to move your mission forward

Support in helping you build your valuable networks

Support to create your specific knowledge management interventions

Guidance and techniques to build better organisational intelligence

Guidance in navigating the complexity of sharing and selling what you know

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The 4 Stages of Knovolution


Clarity. Discovery. Revelation. Define the challenge and vision.


Direction. Strategy. Blueprints. Create the roadmap to success.


Capability. Implementation. Change. Turn new ability into value.


Support. Sustainability. Evolution. Keep the dream alive.

“As someone who’s always looking to bring fresh ideas to established businesses, I found Knovolution to be a standout partner. They have a knack for making sense of how a business handles its knowledge and then creating a plan that’s just the right fit. What impresses me most is how they turn complex ideas into actions that really improve a business. They’re all about helping companies adapt smoothly to new ways of working, which is crucial in today’s fast-changing world. In my experience, Knovolution acts like a skilled navigator, guiding businesses through the challenges of staying current and competitive.”

Jordan Richards,

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