Put knowledge into action

Drive progress through the best decisions and the right moves

Independent advice and practical support in all areas of knowledge management to optimise your capability, performance and success. Move your mission forward.

Strategy and Tactics

Create the blueprint and methods that will revolutionize your capability to boost decision-making, productivity and creativity. I partner with you to implement your bespoke roadmap and practices for growth in capability to elevate your performance. We’ll focus on helping you leverage knowledge as a driving force to your success by harnessing existing and new capabilities wrapped up in your people, processes, technologies and information. From full-blown strategies to elevate organizational performance through operational efficiencies and culture, to honing specific abilities like collaboration, competence building, expertise location and knowledge transfer – I can help you take the next step.

Tools and Technology

Embed the right manual tools and digital technology for your mission. I work with you to identify the fundamental activities that shape your crusade and the tools that will optimize your abilities and outcomes. Whether you like or loathe technology, or you need a tool to make your work easier, I can navigate you through the plethora of options. From finding your perfect match, blending it into ‘business as usual’, and revamping existing systems, I’ll help you assemble the right kit to unlock and surface the knowledge you need. It doesn’t have to be a love/hate relationship when it comes to tools and technology; use your Knovolution to maximize your investment in intranets, artificial intelligence, e-learning, content management and other non-digital tools.

Content and Insight

Build and manage your stock of insight, information, and data that fuels your progress. Your Knovolution will focus on improving the access, findability and quality of all the ingredients that are used, and needed, to make your next move. It’s all the stuff that great decisions and significant actions are borne from – capturing, preserving and curating these assets for reusability is a good move for those looking to accelerate decision-making, reduce mental load, and increase autonomy. From knowledge elicitation, content creation and curation, technical communication and sharing strategies – I have you covered.

Support and Development

I will join your cause and provide 360° support to achieve your goals. If you need someone to lead, partner with, or create your initiative – I am there. I bring the missing piece of the puzzle to help you realise your ambition, whether that is a fresh set of eyes, an additional perspective, or an extra pair of hands. From building the foundations to extending your current efforts in putting knowledge into action, I’ll help you reach your destination and beyond. I offer support through bespoke workshops, training, coaching and advising in knowledge management. If you are innovating or require assistance with custom projects, I put my talent, creative thinking and good old fashioned labour into action to progress your ambitions. Ultimately, your mission to succeed is my crusade.

Knovolutionary – the why, the how and the what.

Learn about the Knovolution DNA that will help you leverage knowledge as a critical asset to your success.

4 Phases

Your Knovolution is achieved via these 4 phases to ensure the end result is completely geared towards your goals and delivers the value you are depending on. Find out more in the full Manifesto.


Clarity. Discovery. Revelation. Define the challenge and vision.


Direction. Strategy. Blueprints. Create the roadmap to success.


Capability. Implementation. Change. Turn new ability into value.


Support. Sustainability. Evolution. Keep the dream alive.

4 Principles

All Knovolutions are driven by these 4 principles that underpin the ethos of the company, embody the value of knowledge management, and serve as a personal pledge to my clients. Find out more in the full Manifesto.

Incite Capability


Empower people to act with confidence and clarity.

Unite People for Progress


Connect people to improve knowledge flow.

Triumph over Adversity


Build responsiveness to challenges and opportunities.

Revolutionize Success


Create deeper value efficiently.