Knovolution Ltd. is a niche management consultancy based in Northumberland. Founded by Janine Weightman in 2019, the mission is to help organizations perform as intelligently as the people inside them.

Knovolution helps organizations cultivate greater capability by transforming the way people create and mobilize critical knowledge within teams, operations and services – business success depends on it.

Get bespoke, practical support via 1-1 and group sessions, digital services and training to discover how you can implement strategies and tactics to build greater organizational intelligence.

Push the frontiers of what your organization can accomplish – lead your Knovolution!

Helping future-focused organizations accelerate breakthroughs in capability that boost decision-making, productivity and creativity to enhance performance and value. Success depends on it.

Discover your custom approach to better knowledge management to help you achieve the outcomes you’re aiming for.

Behind every successful business, every delighted customer, every challenge won, and every innovative step stands a collective of individuals who were able to get the job done.

Individuals who expanded their competence and understanding to tackle problems. Individuals who put their relationships and information into action.

Individuals who worked efficiently and productively by using all the tools at their disposal. Individuals who created value for the organization and its customers.

Individuals who were confident to take the next step and move the mission forward.

From your everyday tasks to tackling extraordinary challenges, make it easier to get knowledge to where it is needed– to the people who rely on it, to the challenges that are resolved by it, and the situations that demand it.

Knovolution provides you with solutions to harness the unique abilities and resources wrapped up in people, processes, technologies and information to revolutionize the way you get things done. By putting knowledge into action you can accelerate decision-making, time to competence and productivity.

Drawing on my 13 years’ experience of orchestrating knowledge management activities for companies in the Oil & Gas industry, I apply my insight learned on the front line plus world-class practices to create and implement your custom roadmap for growth in capability.

Start your journey to create the stage, tools and activities that help you leverage knowledge as a driving force towards your success – the vision, performance, service and results you are committed to.

Contact me for independent advice and practical support in day-to-day or strategic knowledge management to move your mission forward.

Let’s lead your Knovolution!

KNOWLEDGE n. /nol-ij/

a prerequisite for taking action; your sublime entanglement of understanding that comes from experience, learning, information and interacting with other folk; a human superpower to transform problems into solutions; useless when it isn’t shared or applied; sometimes lost or forgotten; an advantage to those who invoke it.

Janine Weightman, Knovolutionist. Purveyor of practices to help you get knowledge to where it is needed.

Knovolution Ltd.|Seaton Delaval|Northumberland|NE25 0PP|United Kingdom