Knovolution Ltd. is a niche management consultancy based in Northumberland. Founded by Janine Weightman in 2019, the mission is to help organizations perform as intelligently as the people inside them.

Knovolution helps organizations cultivate greater capability by transforming the way people create and mobilize critical knowledge within teams, operations and services – business success depends on it.

Get bespoke, practical support via 1-1 and group sessions, digital services and training to discover how you can implement strategies and tactics to build greater organizational intelligence.

KNOWLEDGE n. /nol-ij/

a prerequisite for taking action; your sublime entanglement of understanding that comes from experience, learning, information and interacting with other folk; a human superpower to transform problems into solutions; useless when it isn’t shared or applied; sometimes lost or forgotten; an advantage to those who invoke it.

Janine Weightman, Knovolutionist. Purveyor of practices to help you get knowledge to where it is needed.

Janine is a consultant, coach, speaker, author, and all-round maverick when it comes to improving business ops and capability. She founded Knovolution to help people build intelligent organizations, who can channel people’s know-how, expertise, and insight to push the frontiers of what can be accomplished.

After serving nearly 20 years on the front line of large engineering companies in the energy and automotive sectors, Janine developed a smorgasbord of expertise in cultivating organizational capability through better knowledge management.

Janine knows the nuts and bolts, ins and outs, ups and downs of how to get knowledge to where it is needed – and put into action. Through a range of bespoke in-person and online services, she now guides forward-thinking small and medium businesses in ways they can harness and develop their collective brainpower to transform business capability. She also works with individuals to help them share and sell their expertise.

She is passionate about knowledge-sharing, community building, content curation, humane use of technology, process improvement, innovation, complexity science, organisational development, and creativity – generally helping business-folk fulfill their potential and get stuff done.

Janine treads a progressive path when it comes to stimulating growth and success. Her ‘not-so-mainstream’ approaches and contemporary outlook help people see their operational and business challenges through a different lens. With her down-to-earth style and contemporary outlook, Janine coaches businesses in how they create and leverage their intellectual capital without getting bogged down in all the theory. If you are interested in the deep stuff though, just give Janine the cue and prepare for a mind-expanding discussion! You’ll leave with the keys – and the secrets – to unlocking the untapped potential in your business.

She is known for her word-smithery, penchant for technology, and visionary mindset. When Janine is not ‘inciting knovolutions’, she loves to play guitar in her rock band and go adventuring with her dogs.

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