I, Knovolutionist

…my (short-ish) story

I’m a former intrapreneurial knowledge manager who led a small band of kindred colleagues and global groups of advocates on a mission to embed knowledge management practices into the front line of our organizations. Those days of accelerating, unblocking and preserving the flow of critical knowledge to help our colleagues across the business get the job done, shaped my approach to knowledge management.

My mother always said I was on a quest for knowledge from a young age. Somehow that girl managed to turn her passion into her profession…

After 13 years of ‘consulting on the inside’ and deep-diving into the deepest corners of this somewhat misunderstood field, I decided to fulfil my burning ambition to fly the nest and start my own thing.

I’ve spent too many hours seeing people completely baffled by the concept of ‘knowledge management’, which has ultimately excluded them from reaping the benefits that await them – I’d like to change that. It’s frustrating to see talent, experience, opportunities, time and money go to waste. It’s disconcerting to see the blockers preventing people from connecting with each other, finding information they need, building competence and quite frankly…just getting the work done. It pulls at my professional heart strings to see people lost for solutions and approaches to overcome challenges. Workers, customers, and business performance suffer and I don’t think that is acceptable, given all the tools and practices we have at our disposal to make a difference.

But, it’s tricky when you don’t know how… or why… or if it is worth the effort – I feel your pain!

I discovered the art and practice of knowledge management by accident. In fact, I might have even chuckled a bit at the idea of ‘knowledge’ being ‘managed’ – how on earth was that even possible and what did it mean? More to the point, what exactly is knowledge? And when people ask me what I do for a living, what do I say?!

People, I give you Knovolution! My answer to helping you summon knowledge into action, using all the experience, connections, information and tools around you, to drive your progress and success.

Knovolution n. /nov-uh-loo-shun/

A mental rebellion against problems; a countermove against blockers to action; a crusade to push the boundaries of our understanding; a voyage through our world to connect with those who hold the answers…

(ok, I’m off my soapbox now!)

The concept of a Knovolution has been shaped from my experience in knowledge management strategy development; communities of practice; content creation and curation; approaches to lesson-learning; intranets and digital workplace technologies; training and facilitation; improving collaboration; and technical communication…to mention a few. Read more in my LinkedIn profile.

I am committed to pushing the frontiers of my professional ability. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at conferences and on discussion panels, writing papers, and being associated with some forward-thinking groups. I am currently pursuing my Chartership in Knowledge Management through CILIP, which has been an incredible journey of professional growth, knowledge discovery and nostalgia.

When I’m not creating knovolutions, you can find me enjoying my rustic/technical life on the glorious Northumberland coast. If I am not adventuring with my dogs or cooking up a culinary masterpiece, I’ll be either playing in my rock bands or on the back of a motorcycle. My favourite moments however are settling by the log fire with two tired terriers and feeling the cold North Sea breeze fade away. It’s even better when I have a steaming hot cup of tea, listening to an eclectic spectrum of music and expanding my mind on all things knowledge-management-related!

At the atomic level, my philosophy is this: if we don’t know what, why, how or when to do something…how can we make any progress? We need ways to summon knowledge and capability from within and around us to succeed.

Let’s incite your Knovolution – Knowledge to our People!

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