Helping you articulate your unique stories and strategies to improve knowledge management, business performance and organisational intelligence.

A free, interactive web-app to explore the specific circumstances that are shaping your level of success.

Stimulate conversations

Explore scenarios

Support decision making

Build stories

Gain insight



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The Public Release of the Knovoscope Web App!

Explore scenarios

Turn the rings to explore topics and questions. Line up a priority topic in each ring for your story.

Tell your stories

Reveal your story structure and share with whoever needs to know.

Build insight

Get your free Knovoscope Companion Guide including resources and access to the community group.

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What you get

  • Early access to the free Knovoscope web app
  • Access to the support kit in the Knovolution Academy
    • Companion guide
    • Complimentary ‘cut-out-yourself’ template download
    • Membership to the ‘Knovoscopers’ community
  • 10% off a Clarity Call
  • 20% off the Knovoscope course when released

‘For the conversations that need to be had’

Innes Simpson

What can I do with the Knovoscope?

The Knovoscope is a tool to build stories and explore scenarios relating to your circumstances. It helps individuals see things from new perspectives. It is useful when conducting initial conversations, developing strategies, or reviewing current approaches.

How much does it cost?

The Knovoscope Web App is free for anyone to use. The companion guide, available in the Knovolution Academy, is also free. Additional courses and services are coming soon and can be purchased from the Knovolution Academy.

How do I access it?

Once the web app is released, you can access it via the link which will be added to this page.

The web app can also be installed onto an Android device via the option in the Chrome browser menu.

How do I get extra help?

Extra help and guidance will be available in the Knovolution Academy. You will need to register for a free account. If you have any questions, you can also contact Janine at

In the Academy, you can access courses, resources, and the dedicated community. Janine will also be running free events, in addition to paid services.

What is the Knovoscope based on?

The Knovoscope is based on key elements of knowledge management theory, and reflects Janine’s approach to discovering requirements to build knowledge management strategies and solutions. Janine was inspired by the following concepts:

  • Compass – a way finder when things are uncertain but there’s no true north.
  • Kaleidoscope – the topics are common to all businesses but the positioning and stories create unique picture.
  • Combination safe/lock – prioritizing something in each phase unlocks insights and solutions.
  • Vinyl record – track-by-track exploring each element of the phases to build insight, like a concept album.
  • Dart board – picking a random starting point to explore the situation.
  • Game book – picking the next step of the journey based on curiosity.

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