Because the greatest step to take is the next one

Helping you get knowledge to where it is needed

Success depends on it.

From your everyday tasks to extraordinary challenges, make it easier to get knowledge to where it is needed – to the people who rely on it, to the challenges that are resolved by it, and the situations that demand it.

  • Learn from your past, people and projects
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Tackle risk
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Boost productivity
  • Build capability
  • Reduce time to competence
  • Improve service and performance
  • Spark innovation
  • Support collaboration
  • Enhance culture
  • Increase competitive advantage

Put knowledge into action

Drive progress through the best decisions and the right moves

Independent advice and practical support in all areas of knowledge management to optimise your capability, performance and success. Move your mission forward.

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Knovolutionary – the why, the how and the what.

Insight to the Knovolution DNA that will help you leverage knowledge as a critical asset to your success.

KNOWLEDGE n. /nol-ij/

a prerequisite for taking action; your sublime entanglement of understanding that comes from experience, learning, information and interacting with other folk; a human superpower to transform problems into solutions; useless when it isn’t shared or applied; sometimes lost or forgotten; an advantage to those who invoke it.

Janine Weightman, Knovolutionist. Purveyor of practices to help you get knowledge to where it is needed.