Helping you get knowledge to where it is needed

What you know and how you apply it drives competitive advantage. Knovolution helps you discover your knowledge, ways to share it and how to use it for greater success.

Whether you are looking to improve operations, develop new capabilities, do the day-to-day work better or get your knowledge into the world, Knovolution can help move your mission forward.


review, refine and reinvent the way you succeed


optimise your operations for improved performance


create more value from your expertise

From your everyday tasks to extraordinary challenges, make it easier to get knowledge to where it is needed – to the people who rely on it, to the challenges that are resolved by it, and the situations that demand it.

Knovolution helps progressive leaders grow their organisation’s wealth of intellectual capital to achieve business goals and objectives. Lift the limitations on what you can achieve – incite your Knovolution.

  • Learn from your past, people and projects
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Tackle risk
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Boost productivity
  • Build capability
  • Reduce time to competence
  • Improve service and performance
  • Spark innovation
  • Support collaboration
  • Enhance culture
  • Increase competitive advantage

Put knowledge into action

Drive progress through the best decisions and the right moves

Independent advice and practical support in all areas of knowledge management to optimise your capability, performance and success. Move your mission forward.

Strategy and Tactics

Blueprints and methods to revolutionize your capability. Find out more…

Tools and Technology

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Content and Insight

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Support and Development

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Knovolutionary – the why, the how and the what.

Insight to the Knovolution DNA that will help you leverage knowledge as a critical asset to your success.

Revolutionize your capability by putting knowledge into action

“It was great working with Janine, she knows her expertise area really well and was able to deliver what we asked for. It was an absolute pleasure to have been able to work with Janine.”

Shee Wah Wan,
British Psychological Society

“It was a great experience working with Janine – her valuable experience helped us choose the right e-learning partner and showed us other angles during the process.

Natalie Dülgeroglu and Stefan Beeck, V-Zug

“Janine shared a case study and part of her KM journey with us in a very inspiring Power Hour, full of useful tips and genuine insight of the challenges a KM practitioner faces on daily basis. Thank you so much again Janine, very useful indeed.”

Eva Araujo,

Knovolution Ltd.|Seaton Delaval|Northumberland|NE25 0PP|United Kingdom