Clarity Calls

A power-hour dedicated to your cause. Helping you discover how to get knowledge to where it is needed.

Knowledge management practices are often seen as only applicable to larger organisations. I believe these practices are at the foundation of all successful businesses.

I’ve seen the challenges larger organisations are facing as a result of not embedding good practices around managing knowledge and leveraging expertise. It is my goal to help smaller organisations and individuals circumvent these challenges by helping you to build these practices into your business DNA now.

I’m guessing that knowledge management and intellectual capital are not terms you might hear everyday, or even think it is relevant to your business. By offering these clarity calls and alternative options, I want to make the start of your journey affordable, accessible and all about you.

The theory is out there if you search on Google, understanding it on your unique terms is a different story. Let Knovolution help you unpick your thoughts with a Clarity Call.

Heard about knowledge management but wondering about the benefits to your business?

Part of a team and want to kickstart knowledge management in your corner of the organisation, even if your boss isn’t on board yet?

You are a business owner and need to transfer knowledge to your team to help your business grow?

Wondering if, where and how to position knowledge management in your business to improve performance?

Need a critical friend to help you draft or articulate your strategy?

You are a practitioner or volunteer who has been tasked with ‘doing knowledge management’ and looking for some guidance?

You have experience you want to share, maybe sell, and need guidance on getting your knowledge into the world.

Clarity Call Options

Heads together

Lets discuss your specific challenges or blind spots to help you move forward

Symptom checker

Lets identify pain points around a specific operational activity and how to tackle them

Knovelation Kickstart

A quick facilitated discovery process using the Knovoscope, to start shaping your strategy

Choose your option for only £99!

“Janine shared a case study and part of her KM journey with us in a very inspiring Power Hour, full of useful tips and genuine insight of the challenges a KM practitioner faces on daily basis. Thank you so much again Janine, very useful indeed.”

Eva Araujo,

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