Free Consultancy Opportunity for a North East England Enterprise – January 2022

Are you a small-to-medium-sized enterprise based in North-East England and wanting to level up your performance in 2022? Take part in my knowledge mapping case study and get new insight to help your business succeed in 2022

I’m working on a case study and looking to work with a small-medium-sized organisation based in North-East England from January to February 2022 to help you uncover hidden value that you can convert to business success! 

You will get new insight into your business operations to improve areas such as decision-making, risk management, quality, collaboration, and organisational learning for example.

What’s involved?
  • When: 10-15 hours between 17 January and 11 February 2022
  • Where: online & in-person sessions depending on Covid guidelines.
  • Who: a dedicated contact person, and the relevant team or workgroup.
  • What: the OK from your boss
  • Cost: totally free, just your commitment to attend the sessions and a testimonial at the end!

What will you get? Remarkable new insight into how your business ticks, a plan to make improvements, a copy of the case study.


Is there a team or workgroup in your company that could benefit from this free consultancy?

Email me at to discuss further

You will need to be available for 10-15 hours between 17 January to 11 February 2022 to participate in the workshops. Deadline to apply is 7th January 2022.

Why is this relevant to your business?

The magic that drives what you do, what you deliver, how you perform, and how you are perceived in your market all stems from the way you put your organisation’s intellectual capital into action.

When was the last time you thought about how you create and use your organisation’s intellectual capital to drive commercial success, excellence, and risk management in your business? Do you know what intellectual capital is critical to help you achieve your business mission?

Think about your organisation’s knowledge, skills, experience, insight, methods, and relationships:

  • Are they being used effectively to achieve the business results you are committed to?
  • Are you effectively activating and deploying your organisation’s intellectual capital to overcome your commercial challenges?
  • Do your people have all the insight and understanding they need to deliver their best work efficiently and with impact?
  • Are you converting your deep experience to help you be the best provider for your clients?

Why do I need to think about my organisation’s knowledge?

Your intellectual capital is what makes your organisation brilliant at what it does…your products, services, delivery, quality….it’s your competitive advantage and why people come to you rather than anyone else.

The knowledge, methods, social relationships, experience, and information in your organisation is at the root of how you:

  • Deliver excellence to your customers
  • Solve problems
  • Innovate
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Maintain quality
  • Sustain your efficiency
  • ….oh, and make your money!

These things are all at risk if we don’t take steps to nurture our stock and flow of intellectual capital.

Consider these scenarios for example:

  • John isn’t here to do Task X so it takes twice as long and costs more money as his teammates don’t have the level of understanding he has built over his 25-year career.
  • Sunitta moves jobs and takes her project experience with her. The rest of the team aren’t aware of the subtle lessons and insights Sunitta has developed so the project is delayed.
  • Team A and Team B do the same work in different parts of the world, but Team B somehow manages to do it quicker without any rework so their region wins more jobs.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime event happens (…erm…Covid?) and the world changes. The business must deal with extraordinary challenges and draw on its network of expertise to survive. How quickly can it bounce back…and thrive?

What is knowledge mapping?

Knowledge mapping is a practice to help you understand:

  • where critical knowledge exists in your business,
  • how knowledge flows to help your business do what it does, and
  • highlights the opportunities to make better use of your intellectual capital to drive your business forward.

The goals of knowledge mapping are to:

  • Spot the operational pain points around how your organisation uses its knowledge and information.
  • Identify the cultural behaviours that are impacting how your organisation uses its knowledge and information;
  • Create knowledge maps and help you identify the opportunities and risks associated with knowledge use.
  • Draw up a high-level action plan to help you improve how your organisation uses its knowledge and information.

It is an important first stage when introducing knowledge management interventions into your organisation as it pinpoints the areas to focus on and informs the bigger strategy…as opposed to relying on guesswork and hunches that may not deliver value.

How do I take advantage of this free opportunity?

If you are interested in working with me on this free consultancy to understand how you can improve the way you use your intellectual capital to drive your business success, please email me at Then:

  • I will arrange an introductory call where we can discuss this opportunity and make initial preparations.
  • Between 10th-14th January 2022 I will arrange some brief check-in sessions to warm us up for the mapping sessions.
  • We will spend 10-15 hours with each other between 17th January – 11th February (online or in person depending on Covid guidelines) in workshop-style sessions to do the mapping exercises.
  • I will provide you with the written case study for your reference.
  • You will provide me with a testimonial.

Key requirements:

  • A dedicated contact person.
  • A team or workgroup who can be available for 10-15 hours between 17th January – 11th February.
  • An open mind and willingness to engage consistently in the activities.

Note that there will be no pressure to follow-up with any further consultancy unless you would like to. This is a purely explorative and free opportunity that gives you a wealth of new insight and helps me to build a case study.

I want to help a small-medium-sized enterprise kickstart their journey to activate, grow and sustain their intellectual capital for better business performance.

Let’s lead your Knovolution!


Is there a team or workgroup in your company that could benefit from this free consultancy?

Email me at to discuss further

You will need to be available for 10-15 hours between 17 January to 11 February 2022 to participate in the workshops. Deadline to apply is 7th January 2022.

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