Knowledge Marketing

Knowledge marketing is a practice to help you get your expert knowledge into the world, to the right people, so that it creates value for your customers and your business.

A key factor in ‘the knowledge economy’ is enabling experts to convert their experience into products and services that benefit society. This opportunity should be open to every expert, not just those who are ahead of the game in understanding their offer and the digital tools to make it happen.

It is not a case however of throwing your expert knowledge into the world and seeing what sticks. There is a push-pull relationship between knowledge holders and knowledge seekers. Just like a local marketplace, ‘traders’ need to understand and cater to their customer needs if they are to be successful, while also inspiring new purchases. Likewise, experts need to understand what learners need so they can deliver their unique knowledge as a valuable service

When marketing and sharing your expertise, it is important to package and deliver it in the right way for your audience, and in the most effective way for you in terms of service and revenue.

The Knovolution 6-Step Knowledge Marketing Framework will help you get your knowledge to where it is needed…and pounds into your bank account.

Purpose – identifying your unique expertise, what impact will you make in the world, who needs your expertise.

Productize – how you capture and package your expertise so it can be shared in the right way for you and your customers.

Promote – how the world gets to know about you.

Prosper – how you create the transactions that transform strangers into customers to sell what you know and grow your revenue.

Provide – how you deliver value to your customers.

Progress – how you keep people in your world, create raving fans, and grow your business.

Wow, thank you Janine for producing a bespoke report. You’ve understood exactly what I need and established the missing pieces in my jigsaw.

The report you’ve created is full of advice, guidance and strategy which helps me to see things I’ve been blind to. It’s opened my mind to a new efficient way of working which will connect with international audiences and enable me to sell my knowledge as products and services more effectively.

By providing strategic options, approaches, technology recommendations, along with a roadmap I can now take impactful action.

Thank you for the time spent listening to my needs, discussing possible solutions and providing the final report. I’m excited to get started to market and sell my knowledge products to an international audience with the clarity, focus and direction I needed.

Ann English,
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