North East Expo – April 2023

Get yourselves down to the North East Expo and get advice, resources and direction to help you push the frontiers of what your business can achieve, through better organizational intelligence and knowledge management. Grab some of the thought-starter postcards, get a quick strategy kickstarter using 'The Knovoscope', find out which services are right for you,Continue reading "North East Expo – April 2023"

Microbusiness Unite

Knovolution is proud to be exhibiting at Microbusiness Unite 2023. About Microbusiness Unite (extract from website) We're celebrating the importance of microbusiness!! Come and join us for this amazing day, full of inspirational speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, workshops, local exhibition stands, interviews, awards, an after party and more! Not only is this a day packed fullContinue reading "Microbusiness Unite"

Chamber Exchange North

Knovolution is proud to be exhibiting at the Chamber Exchange North This is the North East England Chamber of Commerce's flagship networking event encouraging an exchange of experiences, ideas and offers between members north of the region. Chamber Members Only Posted Sun, August 13

International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) – Singapore

Meeting link Knovolution is proud to be sharing a case study on knowledge auditing at IKO 2023! Janine will be sharing her experience of the virtual and hybrid knowledge auditing projects she's undertaken and how they supported developing knowledge management strategies. She will also be talking about the novel tools and approaches she used toContinue reading "International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) – Singapore"